Current Members

  • Kevin Staras 
  • +44 1273 678478 
  • Dr. Emilia Komulainen (Postdoc)
  • Ms. Kate Fennell (PhD student)
  • Ms. Saskia Pollack (PhD student)
  • Mr. Luca Biasetti (PhD student)
  • Mr. Jack Badman (PhD student)

Past members

  • Dr. Vincenzo Marra (now Lecturer, University of Leicester) 
  • Dr. Arjuna Ratnayaka (now Lecturer, University of Southampton) 
  • Dr. Daniel Bush (now Postdoc, UCL)
  • Dr. Stephanie Rey (now Postdoc, National Physics Laboratory, London)
  • Dr. Terri Roberts (now Postdoc, Cambridge) 
  • Ms. Catherine Smith (now Medical School, BSMS)
  • Dr. Michael Crossley (now Postdoc, Sussex) 
  • Dr. Freya Crawford (now Research Technician, Royal Holloway)
  • Ms. Milena Wagner (now Editor, London)


  • Dr. Tiago Branco (SWC, UCL, London)
  • Dr. Jemima Burden (MRC LMCB, UCL, London)
  • Dr. Evgeny Nikitin (Neuroscience, Moscow)
  • Prof. Eors Szathmary (Queen Mary, London)
  • Prof. Phil Husbands (Informatics, Sussex University)
  • Prof. Gyorgy Kemenes (Life Sciences, Sussex University)
  • Prof. Michael Hausser (Wolfson Institute, UCL)
  • Prof. Louise Serpell (Life Sciences, Sussex University)
  • Prof. Keith Caldecott (Life Sciences, Sussex University)

Industrial Partners

  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Belgium.
  • Syndesi Therapeutics, Belgium.